Artisanal Canarian products

The Canary Islands offer you a wide variety of artisanal foodstuffs and products. Discover them, and take the best souvenir of these wonderful islands away with you.


A flavour, an aroma, an experience...

In the Canary Islands, we meticulously manufacture numerous handmade products, some of which are the legacy of our ancestors. Created to be enjoyed with all five senses by you, who are visiting us, and by those special people to whom you can take them back as a souvenir. As well as the immense beauty of their beaches and scenery and the best climate in the world, what else do you want to take away with you from these lovely islands?

Canarian product
Canarian jewellery, Canary Islands
Canarian jewellery, Canary Islands
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Beauty-enhancing products

If there is one star accessory, without a doubt it is Canarian earrings, also known as “S hoops”. This typical design is widely found all over the archipelago. Another interesting option is jewellery made from volcanic stone, little treasures that enable you to always take the islands with you, wherever you go. Lava cosmetics are also very popular, with natural products such as clay face masks and exfoliating stones. Finally, we cannot forget aloe vera in its multiple formats, a plant renowned for its healing power and for improving skin tone and elasticity.


Canarian delights for the palate

The Canary Islands always leave a good taste in your mouth, especially if as well as visiting them, you try the typical gastronomy products of the islands. We suggest that you try the wide variety of exquisite Canarian cheeses, which have been recognised internationally with numerous awards… Their flavour is unforgettable. Even better if you accompany them with a good Canarian wine, such as the one made with the Malvasía Volcánica grape variety - considered one of the best in the world - or the Forastera Gomera variety, both of which are native to the islands. Take the flavour of natural salt of the Canary Islands away with you on your palate, like the salt obtained at the saltworks of Salinas de Fuencaliente or those of Janubio. We also recommend that you try gofio, a typically Canarian superfood made of toasted flour from different cereals, such as millo (maize) or wheat. Ever heard of prickly pears? Another potent food with multiple nutritional properties, used mainly to make juices and jams.

And to finish with a sweet touch, we advise you to try Canarian confectionery. Delights like almond bienmesabe, quesadillas made with cheese from El Hierro or rapadura and almendrados, made with palm syrup.


Items for the home

All types of basketry products are made on the islands from the leaves of the Canary Island date palm tree. And you can also find endless pottery items, unique articles made using the clays from the islands’ volcanic soil. Another 100% Canarian souvenir you can gift to others or yourself is any product or article dyed with carmine, the natural colouring agent extracted from the cochineal. A product with Protected Designation of Origin which gives colour to fabrics and cosmetics.


Musical instruments

In the Canary Islands, music has its deepest roots in the indigenous culture. But over time it has forged its own personality, without losing any of its essence, drawing on numerous influences. The islands have a sound of their own, the sound of the tambor, the pito of El Hierro, the chácaras or the timple. Musical instruments that are held in high esteem in Canarian culture, made artisanally and used to perform the folklore music of the islands. A music which even today still provides the background for fiestas and romerías, thanks to unique traditional instruments.


Now that you know about some of the artisanal Canarian products available, have you decided what souvenir of the Canary Islands you want to take away with you? If you’re finding it hard to choose just one, make some room in your suitcase and take them all...