Tourist locations

Discovering Canary villages

When choosing the place where you would like to spend your holiday, you should ask yourself three questions. The first one is whether you want to be near the sea or in the mountains. The second is whether you want the tranquility of a small village or the pace of a town or city. The last one is what activity you want to do during your holiday. From amongst the tourist areas of the Canary Islands there is a myriad of possibilities :quiet places where you can cut yourself off from everything and spend your time resting, the capital cities of the province with all the activities offered by a big city – a wide range of restaurants, theatres, cinemas, museums, commercial centres, nightlife or, in some cases, historical centres of cultural interest, or places which have the advantage of being close to sites where you can play golf, go surfing, cycling or do any other sport. There’s everything you can think of in the Canary Islands.