The best viewing platforms of El Hierro

Covering just over 268 square kilometres, the island of El Hierro is home to many of the best viewing platforms on the Canary Islands. In spite of its size, the maximum altitude on the island is 1,501 metres - marked by the Malpaso peak, the fourth-highest in the archipelago - making it ideal for delighting in the volcanic nature from these natural balconies, some of which were designed by Canarian artists like César Manrique, and from where one can observe spectacular scenery. Find out where the best panoramic views are to be had on El Hierro here, with a bird’s-eye view, before coming. And when you need to make a stop on the route, you can do so in one of the many viewing points you'll find throughout the Canary Islands. Taking a break will not only allow you to enjoy the views but will also give you a new outlook on Canarian architecture and the work of César Manrique.