The Canary Islands are famous for mild temperatures throughout the year, scant rainfall and having more hours of sunshine than anywhere else in Europe. The perfect destination for avoiding the grey winter months so typical of the continent, and experiencing a much brighter spell of time.


The best climate in the world, especially in winter

It’s no secret that the Canary Islands have the best climate in the world. Thanks to their privileged location, the sea and the characteristic trade winds, the archipelago enjoys an average annual temperature of 23 ºC. Since the thermometer barely registers any variation at all, the Canarian winter can be weathered out in short sleeves, with over 60 days of sunshine and a very low level of rainfall. The perfect panorama for spending the cold winter months without any need for coats or umbrellas.


The perfect time of year to carry on enjoying the outdoors

Visiting the Canary Islands over the winter months is synonymous with an ocean of plans and activities. Relaxing under the sun, choosing between taking a dip on Blue Flag beaches, exploring trails that pass through volcanoes and ancient forests, following a route through charming, historical villages, stopping to discover the crafts cached street markets and local shops, playing golf surrounded by nature or simply contemplating the stars in all their splendour in the clearest skies in Europe.


Eight islands that extend life

Spending the winter months in the archipelago is an excellent way of taking care of oneself, regaining energy and enjoying quality time to do what we love the most. The revitalising power of the islands’ warm climate, sunshine and daily dose of vitamin D, the breeze and the pure air, combine with places like natural swimming pools, viewpoints, spas and a wide range of accommodation to create an environment of wellbeing which was recommended as a therapeutic destination as long ago as in the 19th century.


A very singular culture and flavour

The - numerous - centuries of history the archipelago has behind it are the source of not only the local population’s open, friendly character, but also of a culture that is as diverse as it is unique. A land that was inhabited by indigenous people and coveted by kings, famous navigators and pirates who left behind them a rich legacy in the form of archaeological sites, historical buildings, museums, traditional events and popular fiestas.

A rich gastronomy with years of tradition has also emerged from the volcanic lands of the Canary Islands. As well as bananas, the islands are also home to legendary cheeses and wines, unique potatoes, a wide variety of fresh fish and delicious dishes like gofio and bienmesabe. A wide range that can be sampled both in lively guachinches and family-run restaurants as well as in renowned establishments with Michelin Stars, or special locations such as viewpoints or on the side of a volcano.


The peace of mind of being in the EU

The Canary Islands are part of Spain, and therefore of the European Union. And for this reason, if anything unforeseen occurs or you require medical attention, your peace of mind is guaranteed. The archipelago has some of the best hospitals in Spain, and a network of health centres with the highest European quality standards. And with the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), treatment is free.

Reasons for skipping this season by travelling to the Canary Islands