Easy and Amazing Trails for the Whole Family in La Palma

Primitive forests, volcanoes and magical scenarios are some of the surprises hidden in the network of trails of an island for the whole family

The island of La Palma is a natural paradise and a jewel located in the Atlantic Ocean. With an area of 708.3km², the so-called “Isla Bonita” is also the “Island of Hikers”.

From the most complex roads to the simplest, the Island has an exquisite Network of Trails that is based on signaling and security to generate an appropriate experience for each person who visits them. The variety of trails allows you to find the route that suits all types of people and is more comfortable, which makes any walk an adventure for the whole family.


One of the first recommended routes to do with the little ones in the house is the San Andrés al Charco Azul trail. GR-130, Camino Real de la Costa..

During this journey, which runs along part of the old Camino Real de la Costa, children will have the opportunity to discover characteristic elements of the area, such as the lime kiln, while observing the majestic coast of the island. As a reward for the whole family, the trail ends at the famous Charco Azul, a bathing area that has become a natural attraction thanks to its large dimensions, its protection from the waves and its children's pool with a smooth bottom.


A Movie Walk

Another of the fundamental and magical routes is the Cubo de La Galga, located in the municipality of Puntallana. In this place, whose landscapes served as natural settings for series such as The Witcher, there are many routes to get lost in, although it is advisable to follow the normal and short route through a path that extends, approximately, for 4km. With this walk, children will enjoy an experience in a forest that will undoubtedly seem like something out of a story.


A Waterfall Adventure

The whole family will also enjoy themselves in los Tilos Forest . Although there are several routes, the simplest and most appropriate to do with children is the one that begins at the Los Tilos Forest Interpretation Center, and guides walkers along a path that ends in a nearby waterfall, which is accessed through passages that will undoubtedly surprise children.


Finally, and to enter the volcanic heart of La Palma, it is key to visit the San Antonio volcano , in Fuencaliente. It’s a fantastic experience. To access the volcano you have to pay a small entrance fee. Once inside, you can walk along a short path, the slope of the San Antonio, see its interior and enjoy fantastic views of the Teneguía volcano, in addition to being able to enjoy an earthquake simulator that will delight the whole family.

La Palma has almost 1,000km of trails, so there are still many more. Other options for a walk, in addition to those already highlighted, is the route of the Dragos de Buracas, where you can discover the town of Las Tricias and be fascinated by a Dragos forest on the way.

There is also the Cumbrecita circular route passing by the Lomo de las Chozas and the Los Roques Viewpoint . This route is the simplest of all, and extends for 3km in the area of Caldera de Taburiente.


To make the experience as safe as possible, from the Environment area of the Cabildo de La Palma it is recommended to respect the signage and not to leave the main road, consult the weather reports before starting the march, do not walk alone and let someone know the route to be conducted, as well as the time of return; these are just some of the recommendations from the Environment area of the Cabildo de La Palma..

For the little ones to enjoy their walk to the fullest, it is also advisable to carry a small individual backpack with some warm clothes, a raincoat, food and abundant water, and, of course, a mobile phone with a charged battery. They are never used, but when necessary they have to be available. Finally, equip yourself with specific material, especially on the feet: "trekking boots or similar (avoid sneakers or tennis shoes) are essential".

It is essential to respect the fauna and flora of the place, as it is a vital part of the essence of La Palma. In addition to avoiding littering at any point on the trail.