Wineries and cheese shops

The Wineries and Cheese Factories of La Palma

La Isla Bonita has its own flavor marked by its wines and cheeses, both with their own Denomination of Origin. The wineries and cheese factories of La Palma are the perfect place to enjoy traditions that date back hundreds of years. The vines, for example, arrived on the island from the hand of the conquerors in the early sixteenth century, marking the beginning of unique crops whose fruits are still cultivated and harvested by hand to this day to obtain wines highly appreciated among oenophiles. In addition to wine, cheeses also have their own history and that begins with the arrival of the first aborigines of the island, the Benahoaritas. These brought what, over the centuries, we know as a Palmerian goat, an indigenous breed whose milk is capable of transmitting the natural spirit of the island. Find the best cheese factories and wineries in La Palma and plan an advantageous getaway.