Health requirements


The World Health Organisation (WHO) declared the end of the COVID-19 global public health emergency on 5 May 2023.

At present, there are no restrictions whatsoever for travel to the Canary Islands.


Is wearing a mask mandatory in the Canary Islands?

As in the rest of Spain, the use of masks is not mandatory in the archipelago. Each individual can responsibly decide whether to use one, although it is recommended in the following cases:

  • If you have a respiratory infection or a weak immune system and you share space with others.
  • If you go to a medical service such as Accident and Emergency or Primary Healthcare Centres.
  • If you visit a residential centre for elderly or disabled people.

This preventive measure is designed to protect the health of people who live in and visit the archipelago.


What should I do if I show symptoms of COVID-19 during my stay in the Canary Islands?

If you have mild symptoms, you can continue your trip as normal, using a mask responsibly. If, however, you have intense symptoms such as breathlessness or are feeling very unwell, it is best to isolate in your reserved accommodation and call 012 for guidance and referral to the nearest health centre.


Do you have any more questions about your trip to the Canary Islands?

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