Trail running training on the Canary Islands

Natural landscapes, a stable climate and challenging heights. Without a doubt the Canary Islands are the perfect destination for trail running training all year long. A region full of routes for practising this sporting discipline and improving your performance. Whether on the coast or in the mountains, the scenery of the islands will be a source of extra motivation and energy in all your races. Get ready, get set… Go!


The Canary Islands live and breathe passion for trail running. For some years now, they have been an essential destination on the international calendar for sporting competitions in this discipline, such as the Transgrancanaria or the Transvulcania in La Palma. On a national level, the Tenerife Bluetrail, Haría Extreme, Maratón del Meridiano, Gomera Paradise Trail, Fuerteventura 2 Run or Artenara Trail stand out, among others.