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Sabinosa on El Hierro
Sabinosa on El Hierro
Sabinosa on El Hierro

Tradition and excellent wines

Nestled on the side of a volcano in the west of the island is Sabinosa – the most isolated village on El Hierro and one of the ones that best conserves the island traditions: in fact, it is famous for its folklore. From here, you can see exceptional views of the Valle del Golfo, along with some specimens of local architecture in the narrow alleys. Fans of good wine must not leave without having tried the excellent local produce – one of the best-kept secrets of this very unique village that still has traditional wine presses and is reached along roads surrounded by vineyards.

Hiking trails for nature lovers

Sabinosa is the village nearest to La Dehesa, communal grazing lands for livestock, with the famous juniper forest—El Sabinar—and its characteristic trees twisted into unusual shapes by the wind, and also the Shrine to Nuestra Señora de los Reyes – the patron saint of El Hierro. Numerous hiking trails run through the peculiar nature of this part of the island and the solitary, enigmatic landscape. The Mencáfete Nature Reserve is also close by, with trails that venture into the laurisilva and the heaths that are home to endemic endangered species.

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