Unique artisan fashion made in the Canary Islands

The Canaries are home to a creative talent you won’t find in many other places


When it’s time for festive events like our famous Carnival, our imaginations fly as we raid the sewing box for fabrics, accessories and props. 

Our eight, very different, islands are a source of cultural wealth and diversity, where originality and uniqueness go hand in hand

But… You might not know that Canary Islands creators don’t just design clothes: they also craft swimwear, hats, jewellery, shoes and all kinds of accessories. And many of our designers are LGBTI, bringing a special sensitivity to the world of fashion. Although many are already well known for their work, today we’re highlighting some of our creators for their originality. You’ve probably heard of some of them before!


Founded in 2003 in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Arcadio Domínguez is one of the longest-standing fashion firms in the Islands. Although the brand’s arcadinas are their best-known product, their range isn’t limited to these hallmark ballet flats with a bow: they also make men and women’s fashion swimwear, jackets, t-shirts, bags… even socks!

Their comfortable, practical clothes are perfect for taking a look round the city of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria or spending the day anywhere on the island.

From Tenerife we have multitalented designer Joshua Velázquez, winner of TV contest Maestros de la Costura (Masters of Sewing). After learning on his grandmother’s sewing machine, Joshua’s reached a level of chicness where he designs items for singer Soraya Arnelas, music duo Azúcar Moreno and even Paris Hilton!

His designs include everything from swimwear to party dresses, face masks to corsets… right now he’s working on a fresh, modern sportswear range that’s ideal for a trip to any of the Islands.


In Fuerteventura we have Vega Isla, a brand that’s strongly committed to the environment, or more specifically, the sea. Vega Isla loves the sea and the special colour it has on this island, adding her passion to every piece of jewellery she makes. She also donates 5 percent of the profits of every item sold on her website to the organisation Oceania, which fights to stop exploitation of marine resources!

Her products are unique, handmade sterling silver pieces adorned with precious stones, seashells and crystals that wash up on Fuerteventura’s beaches.

Other designers committed to the environment, our beaches and landscape are the guys from Chacho Souvenirs, who make t-shirts, sweaters and unisex souvenirs. Don’t you feel better buying clothes that support a cause?

On La Palma, aka La Isla Bonita, you’ll find the creative director of the firm Gmbyje. Under this unique name, Jesús Gutiérrez produces a colourful and voluminous prêt-à-porter range and bridal fashions that combine shapes and colours with various fabrics. His work has featured at shows including Madrid Bridal Collection and Atelier Couture.

Fun, cheeky face masks are a hallmark of Bénelo, a Canary Islands brand that also produces a range of t-shirts and an iconic black swimsuit with suspenders! What better choice for something to show off at any beach in the Canaries?


Thanks to the creativity of our designers, the unique landscapes of the Canaries, and the locally sourced materials, designs from the Islands are a “must”. Make the most of your trip to discover brands and stores and snap up an exclusive “Made in the Canaries” souvenir!