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The Hidden Secrets of the Caldera Blanca Volcano in Lanzarote

Are you ready to experience a volcano?


Walking through a volcano is a once-in-a-lifetime experience which will heighten visitors’ appreciation of nature. Enjoy the network of trails in the Caldera Blanca volcanic crater located in the west of Lanzarote. The Caldera Blanca walking path is a beautiful route with stunning views which takes visitors to the top of a volcanic crater which is 1200 metres in diameter. 


The Caldera Blanca trail begins at the Los Dolores church, which is located in the municipality of Tinajo at the end of one of the Timanfaya Volcano’s lava tongues. The route is a ten-kilometre long round trip which is relatively flat and encompasses a range of terrain. It is suitable for people of all fitness levels, but visitors must be equipped with suitable clothing and footwear. Sunscreen is recommended. Trekkers should also have plenty of food and drink to sustain themselves during the journey of roughly three hours. The trail skirts the La Caldereta volcano and includes views of the Caldera Blanca volcano which is located close by. The enormity of the eruptions of these two volcanoes caused a great expanse of lava to be excreted, and it is this black sea of volcanic rock which visitors have to traverse as the road extends upwards with incredible views of the Atlantic Ocean and surrounding landscape. Visitors in this area are asked to keep to the footpaths because environmental conservation work is ongoing to protect the lichens which are one of the few organisms capable of surviving in the harsh local conditions. A detour away from the path could mean destroying hundreds of years of organic development.   

Trekkers along the Caldera Blanca walking path find the La Caldereta volcano after about 25 minutes of walking. The mountain is 324 metres high and has a crater of 300 metres in diameter. The name “Caldereta” references the word “cauldron” which was chosen as a consequence of the oval shape of the geological formation. One of the sides of the volcano has eroded which allows visitors access to the inter realm. Historically this area has been used by agricultural and livestock farmers because the crater acted as a windbreak and a water container for the scarce rainfall.  


After passing beyond La Caldereta the Caldera Blanca walking path heads towards the Caldera Blanca volcano, which stands at an altitude of 458 metres. In English Caldera Blanca means “white crater volcano”. This name relates to the local terrain which contains whitish volcanic rock with a porous consistency that has been formed by the accumulation of ash and other elements that have formed into layers. The ascent to Caldera Blanca offers views that will last long in the memory. It is truly a trip of a lifetime. The huge Caldera Blanca crater is just over a kilometre in diameter and has a perfectly round shape. Visitors skirt around the crater and enjoy panoramic views.The Caldera Blanca trail is a unique experience which offers a snapshot of the vastness of nature. This incredible path is one of the jewels of Lanzarote and cannot be missed.