The Best Places to Observe the Meteor Shower in La Gomera

Low light pollution enabling you to enjoy extraordinary skies.


The island of La Gomera is a magical place where you can enjoy contact with nature during the day, through a wide variety of activities. However, when the sun sets, the spectacle of nature continues and the clear skies allow us to contemplate the immensity of the universe in an astonishing way.

Observing the beauty of the starry sky on the island of La Gomera is possible from every corner of the island. You only have to move some distance away from the populated areas to enjoy a starry and infinite sky. However, there are certain points that, due to their low light pollution, are ideal for enjoying this nocturnal activity, observe the firmament in all its splendor and take the best celestial photographs.

Take note of the best places to contemplate the stars in La Gomera.


1. The immensity of the starry sky from the Alto de Garajonay

The Alto de Garajonay is the highest point of the island with its 1,487 meters above sea level and, undoubtedly, the best place in La Gomera to contemplate the stars. Its location away from populated areas and in the middle of the Garajonay National Park means that in this area there is no light pollution and absolute darkness prevails.

The best time of the year to contemplate the stars from this place is in the summer months, because during the days when the sky is completely clear you will revel in a complete panoramic view of the entire firmament.

The area is accessed through a series of trails, consisting of low difficulty and short duration, which makes it even more accessible during the night.


2. Sky Viewpoints

During the day, the viewpoints of La Gomera offer visitors the best views of the imposing orography of the island, characterized by deep ravines. At night, most of the island’s viewpoints become the perfect place to enjoy the beauty of the starry sky.

This is the case of the Mirador del Santo, located in the municipality of Valle Gran Rey in the area of Arure, one of the most ideal places to photograph the sky. This viewpoint is located a few meters from the access road and its position means that there is hardly any light pollution.

The Mirador de los Roques is another essential place for stargazing. This viewpoint, located in the limits of the Garajonay National Park, is totally distant from the population, so there is zero light pollution. From here you can observe the imposing silhouette of Roque de Agando under the starry sky, one of the most iconic postcards of the island for lovers of night photography.

Near this area is the Mirador del Morro de Agando, a platform located at the top of one of the hills surrounding the Natural Monument of Los Roques, from which you can obtain another perspective of the place at night. This viewpoint is accessed through a low-difficulty trail that takes only 15 minutes from the parking area.


3. Watch the starry sky from the seashore

The beaches in the south of the island of La Gomera are the perfect location to observe the starry skies at any time of the year, due to the weather conditions of the area allowing clear skies on most days of the year.

The southern coast of La Gomera contains several wild beaches that lack artificial lighting and from which you can see millions of stars in the sky, from sunset. Beaches such as Iguala, Oroja or Ereses will make you enjoy this experience to the fullest. However, these are beaches that can only be accessed by sea or through trails.

However, there are other beaches where you can also enjoy the night sky and gain much easier access.

Playa del Inglés, in the municipality of Valle Gran Rey, is the most famous beach in the municipality for stargazing. Just a five-minute walk from La Playa neighborhood, this beach has little light pollution despite its proximity to the area of streetlights and houses.

From here you can stargaze while lying on the black sand still retaining the warmth of the sun, while listening to the sound of the waves crashing against the shore.

In the municipality of San Sebastián we find the so-called Playa del Medio. It is a beach of “callaos”[ports] accessed through Playa de Santiago by road, and due to its remoteness from the urban area, is one of the best accessible beaches on the island for stargazing.