The 8 Most Recommended Routes to Go Hiking with Children in the Canary Islands

If there is a corner of the world that is ideal for hiking, it is, without a doubt, the Canary Islands. We can find an infinite number of routes and paths along which we can get lost while contemplating a whole range of landscapes, sometimes mountainous, other times lunar, desert, jungle...


One of the great charms of the Islands is that there are numerous walking routes of different characteristics and for all levels. Whether you are an accomplished hiker, or looking for short trips, which is often the case when travelling with children, you will find a varied offer throughout the archipelago.


Azuaje Ravine (Gran Canaria)

The entire route is about 6 km long, and it passes through a laurel forest where the sound of water accompanies us. At times, we will have the feeling of having left Gran Canaria and find ourselves in a remote forest, with its wooden bridges, waterfalls and spectacular vegetation, which will make us feel small before nature. The ravine can be accessed from both Firgas and Moya in the north of the island.


The Hills of Tacoronte (Tenerife)

This simple circular route is only 6 km long and has almost no unevenness, so it is ideal to carry it out with children. We leave from La Esperanza - when we reach the village it is better to ask how to get to the Herradura trail - and it is a beautiful place all year round, although the autumn colors are especially beautiful. During this season, many people take the opportunity to go mushroom picking, and it is an ideal place for running enthusiasts to keep in shape during their holidays.


Meriga (La Gomera)

It is difficult to choose a single route in La Gomera, as Garajonay National Park would be well worth exploring on foot millimeter by millimeter if possible. In the upper part of Agulo we find La Meriga, from where we will enter the Park through a circular route of just a couple of kilometers. The attractions of this excursion are countless: the lush vegetation, the amount of birds that will enliven the path with their songs, the streams that we will find and a beautiful lagoon, the ideal place to stop along the way.


Cueva [Cave] de los Verdes (Lanzarote)

This is the perfect route for hiking with children on Lanzarote, as this 2 km route is easy and the scenery spectacular. While on other islands we enjoy fairytale forests and streams, here we will travel through an enigmatic volcanic landscape until we reach the cave, formed as a result of the eruptive activity of the Volcán de la Corona. The play of light and shadow inside the cave is a real pleasure for the senses, the ideal reward after a pleasant stroll with the family.


La Llanía (El Hierro)

This circular route lasting just a couple of hours, in Valverde, is one of the most popular in El Hierro, as its difficulty is low and the drop is only 100 m. The main attraction of this excursion is its changing landscape, which will take us from the humid and thick forest of El Brezal to some solitary landscapes, the black sand calderas and the splendor of the spectacular Valley of El Golfo, open to the sea and protected by imposing cliffs that reach 1000 meters in height.


Lobos Islet (Fuerteventura)

A good way to walk around the Lobos Islet is to traverse it from north to south, ending with a good dip at the beach after the excursion. The route begins directly at the Lobos pier, where the boat from Corralejo docks, and offers us volcanic landscapes and the spectacular Caldera Mountain, among other charms. It’s only 3.5 km, which makes this walk affordable at any age. Sea lovers who are left wanting more physical activity will find the ideal place to snorkel.


Los Tilos Forest (La Palma)

This island, full of trails for all tastes and levels, is ideal for walking. Wild and rugged, this is the first natural area of the Canary Islands that UNESCO declared a Biosphere Reserve: the forest of Los Tilos. Surrounded by laurel forest, we will be able to choose several paths, some longer and more complex, and other simple ones, the latter being perfect for walking with the family. Among them, it is worth spending a few hours walking along the El Espigón Atravesado path, which leads to a viewpoint with beautiful views and to the Los Tilos waterfall, a spectacular nook located very close to the visitor center.


La Cocina Beach and Amarilla Mountain (La Graciosa)

Out of the four main hiking routes on the island, perhaps the Cocina Beach is the most suitable for walking with children. This is the trekking route in La Graciosa that goes south; toward the beaches of El Salado, La Francesa and La Cocina, with Amarilla Mountain as the final point of the route. It’s usually the one chosen by people who come to spend the day on the island.

The starting point is the southern end of Caleta de Sebo, next to the authorized camping area of Bahía del Salado. It is a linear route, very comfortable and simple, that borders the coast and always boasting wonderful views of the north coast of Lanzarote alongside the Cliffs of Famara.

Just follow the coastline, you cannot miss it. Two of the island’s emblematic beaches are on this route; one for transparency and one for the tranquillity of its turquoise blue waters, and the other for the place where it is located and the contrast of colors between the water and the mountains. The whole route without climbing to the top of Amarilla Mountain is 6 kilometers long and it takes about an hour and a half to walk if you don’t stop for a swim at a beach.