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Martinón Winery

Martinón Winery in Lanzarote
Martinón Winery in Lanzarote

Favouring organic viticulture

This pretty winery in the village of Masdache, in the south-central area of Lanzarote, was created by the Martinón family in 2006, when they decided to start out on an exciting project. Favouring organic viticulture and the use of new technologies, they successfully produce extraordinary malvasia wines. An abundance of vines filled with lush bunches of grapes grow all around the winery. Stone walls, furrows and ditches blend into the harmony of the landscape to form a beautiful sight.

First wine made 100% with malvasia from Lanzarote

Martinón Winery works daily to produce wines of excellent quality. It had this in mind when it launched its first Martinón wine made 100% with malvasia from Lanzarote, with a daring, minimalist label design and a synthetic cork to conserve its youthful properties. The winery provides interesting guided tours, perfect for enjoying its wines and some delicious appetisers while discovering the spectacular sights of Masdache.

Isla Lanzarote

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