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El Grifo Winery

El Grifo Winery and Wineries in Lanzarote
El Grifo Winery and Wineries in Lanzarote
El Grifo Winery and Wineries in Lanzarote

A characteristic winery with a museum and library

El Grifo winery, among the ten oldest in Spain, has produced a characteristic wine from the island of Lanzarote since the end of the XVII century. This small family run winery situated in volcanic ground and whose grapes are hand harvested, produces about half a million bottles of wine every year under the Lanzarote Guarantee of Origen. The vineyard and the wine museum are well worth a visit. In its library on wine, opened in 1998 by the poet José Hierro, are more than five thousand literary works on the study of wine making.

A limited production of wine using renowned vines

Situated near the town of San Bartolomé, in the centre of the island of Lanzarote, El Grifo winery produces three types of wine from the Malvasía grape, dry, semisweet and sweet as well as wine from the listán negro grape used in making red wine, rosé, red, sparkling and muscatel. A limited production of its wine is also made under the label Reserva de la Familia. All El Grifo wine can be bought in the winery’s shop while at the same time enjoying an exhibition of artwork related to the world of wine.

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