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The Cortijo de Caideros Cheesery

Quesería Cortijo de Caideros + Queserías de Gran Canaria
Quesería Cortijo de Caideros + Queserías de Gran Canaria

Traditional cheeses made from sheep milk from the house flock

The Cortijo de Caideros cheesery, located in north Gran Canaria is a family cheesery making traditional cheese within the Queso de Flor de Guía, Queso de Media Flor de Guía y Queso de Guía Designation of Origin. The family-owned cheesery uses milk from its own flock of some 200 sheep. This limits daily production to a range of nine traditional cheeses

Guided tours and direct cheese sales in north Gran Canaria

Highly regarded by cheese producers and consumers in the Canary Islands and abroad, the Cortijo de Caideros cheese is made as four kilo wheels cured for four months. You can buy the cheese, which in 2011 won the award for best Canary Islands cheese, direct from the cheesery during weekly guided tours that show off its unique production method.

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