Bentayga Winery

Bentayga Winery in Gran Canaria
Bentayga Winery in Gran Canaria
Bentayga Winery in Gran Canaria

Facility made from natural stone

Bentayga Winery is located in the wonderful surroundings of the Nublo Rural Park, a protected nature area at the top of the island that also forms part of the Gran Canaria Biosphere Reserve. At an altitude of more than 1000 metres, the wines are aged in a natural stone cave, where the wine is stored in natural conditions that are optimal for temperature and humidity. The result are exclusive and unique red and white wines that share the minerality of the volcanic earth they come from.

Tours of the winery all year round

Bentayga Winery provides guided tours all year round, except during grape picking (the second fortnight of August and of September) because they are busy with production. The tour includes a stroll through the vineyard closest to the winery, which is one of the highest, and a chance to see the facilities and enjoy a tasting of two wine varieties.

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