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Museo del Queso Majorero

Museo del Queso Majorero in Fuerteventura
Museo del Queso Majorero in Fuerteventura
Museo del Queso Majorero in Fuerteventura

Discovering the farming and cheesemaking culture

The Fuerteventura Cheese Museum (Museo del Queso Majorero) is located in the Molino de Antigua complex in the mid-eastern area of Fuerteventura. A wonderful place for wandering through the beautiful gardens and visiting the shop selling craftwork and produce from the island’s farming and agricultural sector. With more than 500 square metres of exhibition space with panels providing detailed information in several languages, it allows visitors to discover the history of Fuerteventura’s farming and cheesemaking culture, with special emphasis on the Fuerteventura goat (cabra majorera) and its natural habitat.

Cheese tastings

The museum offers a history of the development of all the cheese factories on Fuerteventura and the Queso Majorero designation of origin, revealing the work tools and techniques of the trade. It has been structured around education and the layout is divided up into several themed areas. In addition to a space dedicated to informational activities, there is a tasting room that is perfect for cheese tastings. You can complete your stay in Antigua with a visit to its church, where sacred-art lovers can enjoy a painting of souls in purgatory and a wide variety of sculptures.

Isla Fuerteventura

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