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El Hierro Cheese Co-operative

El Hierro Cheese Co-operative +dairies of El Hierro

Cheeses made from the raw milk of goats, sheep and cows

Traditional cheese making in El Hierro started with the arrival of the conquerors in the 15th Century. From 1981 cheeses have been made and marketed via an island-wide co-operative. All the cheeses are made with goats, sheep (5%) and cows (15%) milk. The herds are fed on local grass and animal feed produced on the island. These characteristics guarantee a cheese with a natural, special and unique flavour.

Cheeses smoked with fig and prickly pear wood

wood are sold with the guarantee that they are a natural product of El Hierro. They are allowed to mature for 7 -15 days and their colour can vary between white and yellowy tones, though they have very similar tastes, smells and textures, despite the different varieties. The El Hierro Cheese Co-operative, to the north of Valverde, can be visited by prior appointment and sells cheeses directly to the public.

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