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Travelling with Pets

Canary Islands – pet-friendly destination

Travelling with Pets

Our pets are part of the family, so we try to avoid leaving them behind when we go on holiday, so that they don't miss us and we don't miss them, and so that they can enjoy the fun and rest too. That's why it's important that the place we choose makes it easy for us to have a happy stay with our "furry friends". The Canary Islands are definitely a pet-friendly destination. We will find everything we need here and nothing to prevent us being with our dog or cat on holiday too. But we do need to make sure they meet some basic requirements. Take note!


Before travelling

  • Make sure you have all of your pet's documentation in order, including compulsory insurance if they're a potentially dangerous breed. They must also have a microchip (electronic identification system) and be vaccinated, wormed and deloused.
  • Check conditions and requirements for your pet's travel with your airline.
  • Confirm that your accommodation admits pets.
  • Remember to bring a leash and, if it is a potentially dangerous breed, also a muzzle.

During your stay in the Canary Islands


There are a wide variety of pet-friendly accommodation and leisure establishments in the Canary Islands. There are also lots of beaches where they are allowed and, especially in the cities, parks especially designed for dogs with play areas where your pet can 'make friends' and have a great time. You can walk your dog on the streets of any town, without restriction, but always bring a bag and a bottle of water to clean up after they relieve themselves.

If your thing is getting into nature and hiking along the planned trails, your pet can accompany you there too, but make sure to keep them under control at all times to avoid damaging the natural environment.

If you need a vet, all of the islands except La Graciosa have top-class surgeries and clinics, some even with 24-hour emergency services, so your pet's health and well-being will be in good hands if they have any mishap.

There's no need to worry if you need anything for your pet either. There are endless specialist shops in the Canary Islands where you will find everything you can think of, in addition to salons where you can have them groomed or get their hair trimmed. And if you feel like doing an activity where they can't accompany you any day, you don't have to miss out on the experience. There are lots of kennels and pet minders on the islands who will care for and pamper your dog or cat for as long as you like.

As you can see, the Canary Islands look after you and your pet, so that you can have an unforgettable holiday.