Fataga Pueblos con encanto
Fataga Pueblos con encanto
Fataga Pueblos con encanto

Discover the charm of a village sandwiched between valleys

The pretty mountains glimpsed from the road up to Fataga elevate this village above the merely picturesque. Its white houses and narrow lanes, all well-preserved and full of flowers, along with the surrounding valleys, pine forests and palm groves, mean that Fataga is one of the island’s benighted spots.

Camel safaris through the valley of 1000 palms

Terracotta tiles, palms, wooden balconies and fertile soils make the evocative landscapes of the Fataga Valley a unique setting. The pace of life here is as slow as it has always been and invites you to explore the cobbled lanes, San Jose, the village’s only church, the museum and the old water mill at a leisurely pace. Along with its restaurants, souvenir shops and camel rides in the valley, known as the Valley of 1000 Palms, they make a trip to Fataga an exotic excursion with spectacular views.

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