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Los Molinos Visitors’ Centre – Tiscamanita

Los Molinos Visitors’ Centre in Fuerteventura
Los Molinos Visitors’ Centre in Fuerteventura
Los Molinos Visitors’ Centre in Fuerteventura

Discover how ‘gofio’ is made

The Los Molinos Visitors’ Centre is located in a typical Fuerteventura-style house in the town of Tiscamanita in the centre of the island. Next to the museum is a very interesting refurbished windmill. At this visitors’ centre, you can find out all about the culture surrounding ‘gofio’ – a food that was the island’s mainstay against hunger for centuries. A pleasant tour that takes us through the history of the windmills and the allows us to discover the how real Canary Islands ‘gofio’ is made.

Hear the sound of a manual windmill

As soon as we set foot in the museum, we hear a very curious sound, which comes from a manual windmill where the corn is ground. It is fascinating to watch the working of the traditional windmill, made from stone, mud and limestone and comprising a building, tower and machinery. The Los Molinos Visitors’ Centre provides information about the different ways of obtaining flour from the grain, in addition to explanatory panels, diagrams and designs of different types of windmills that help us better understand how they work.

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