FAQs and matters of interest

We have worked intensely to ensure that you can visit us in top conditions of safety, hygiene and quality. If you are visiting our islands soon, here is some information that will be of interest to you.

1. Must I have a test before I leave the Canary Islands?


No, but you may be asked for one when you reach your destination. We recommend you always check the requirements and recommendations in your country of origin.

2. Will I be able to have a test in the islands before I leave?


Of course. There are top-level health facilities in the Canary Islands. Your accommodation will tell you the nearest place where you can get a certified diagnostic test. In any case, we will provide a list of the approved centres in the Canary Islands where you can take the test.

3. What measures will I find at the airport and/or on board the aircraft?


Remember that you must wear a mask and comply with all the safety measures imposed by the airline and the airport authorities while you are at the airport and throughout the flight.

Whenever possible, we recommend that you check in online to avoid unnecessary formalities at the airport. Remember that many airlines do not allow cabin bags other than a bag for personal use that fits underneath your seat.

4. Can I move freely between the islands?


Of course. One of the great advantages of visiting Canary Islands is that you can discover several islands on the same trip. The islands are all very different from each other, which makes the trip all the more interesting and enriching.

Movement between the islands is fully reinstated at the moment, with daily connections that allow you to easily get from one island to any other, either by plane or by boat.  You can travel between the islands with airlines Binter and Canaryfly or shipping lines Fred Olsen, Armas, Biosfera Express and Líneas Romero.

5. What should I do if I get symptoms during my stay in the Canary Islands? COVID-19 medical insurance.


If you experience symptoms such as a cough, a temperature, shortness of breath or feeling generally unwell, self-isolate at your accommodation and call 900 112 061 for instructions and to be put in touch with the appropriate medical centre. 

900 112 061(Only for calls within Spain, in the event of symptoms of COVID-19)
+34 922 842 279  & +34 928 846 579 ( Only for calls from International lines)

Remember that you must wear a mask if you go to any medical centre in the islands and avoid touching anything with your hands. 

As what is most important is your health and well-being, if you do not have medical insurance, we will provide you with an AXA policy free of charge in Canary Islands to cover all expenses relating to COVID-19. See everything that it covers here.



The European Union has set up a website and a mobile app that provides all the information you need to travel to each European Union member state, the requirements at each destination and other information required by tourists. The site is called "Re-open EU" and provides travellers with the procedures to follow before travelling to each destination.

Re-open EU

Official Canary Islands Gazette. Resolution on preventive measures for the transition toward the new normal on Canary Islands.

Official Canary Islands Gazette

Up-to-date information about the coronavirus (COVID-19) in Spain

Ministry of Health of the Government of Spain

World Health Organisation

Up-to-date information on the incidence rate in Canary Islands



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