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What to do in the Canary Islands in April?

April is an ideal month for travelling to the Canary Islands. Depending on the year, it may coincide with the Easter holidays, a fantastic opportunity to discover the so-called islands of “eternal spring”, although in this case it is a spring with hardly any rain.


The Canary Islands are one of the best places in the world for watching cetaceans in the wild, as it is a transit area for 23 different species. From sperm whales to long-finned pilot whales, as well as other whales and six different types of dolphins. And precisely the month of April is perfect for sighting a type of Bryde’s whales, a species of cetacean, called Eden’s whales or Pygmy-form Bryde’s whales, grey in colour with three prominent medial ridges, a yellowish-white belly and a tall dorsal fin.

To see these species in the wild, all you have to do is take the boats bearing the ‘barco azul’ or blue boat emblem, which guarantee their safety. Although swimming with them or feeding them is not permitted, seeing them in their natural habitat, so close to shore, is an amazing experience. 


April is one of the most highly recommended months for enjoying a holiday on the Canary Islands, with long, sunny days and refreshing swims on the beach. The crystal-clear waters of Caletón Blanco (Lanzarote), the spectacular Puertito de Lobos (20 minutes by boat from Fuerteventura) or Charco del Conde (La Gomera) are perfect for spending the day as a couple, with friends or family, or even alone. There are beaches for everyone, on all of the islands.

Natural pools are also a superb alternative for plunging into the sea and ‘savouring’ the quiet and relaxation that reigns on the islands. They are like little spas created by nature and sheltered from the waves. Genuine natural jacuzzis you simply cannot miss.


Every year, at the end of April, and always on a Saturday or Sunday, La Dehesa (El Hierro) holds the Fiesta de Los Pastores, or Shepherds’ Fiesta, an ancient ceremony which is simple but very emotive, going back to 1577, when shepherds on El Hierro built a church to house the ‘Virgen de los Reyes’ (Our Lady of the Kings), who had hitherto been in the cave of El Caracol or ‘Cueva de la Virgen’. 

The shepherds commemorate the arrival of the Virgen de los Reyes, adorned with their ‘sticks’ in a procession steeped in symbolism, accompanied by traditional dancers of El Hierro. Livestock are blessed during the festivity, and it concludes with a meal for everyone who attends.


Wine gastronomy and culture is becoming increasingly important in the Canary Islands. One good example of this is Abril mes del vino (April, wine month), which takes place in the rural village of Tegueste (Tenerife) from 1st to 30th April. A food and wine fair that has become increasingly consolidated year after year, where one can discover regional produce, try local cuisine by following the wine and tapas route, or visit emblematic places on guided tours.