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Dare to Explore La Palma by Bike

On La Palma there are some wonderful routes for people who love to discover the world on their bike.


La Palma is nicknamed the “beautiful island”. It is a place with a special energy which visitors notice on their arrival. La Palma is a good place to relax, unwind, and disconnect. It is also an ideal location for tourists who want to revitalise themselves with an active break. La Palma has spring-like temperatures all year round. It is a great location for a bicycle with lovely views and lots of winding corners to explore.

La Palma has magical trails which allow mountain bike riders to discover the islands’ diverse landscape. Mountain biking in La Palma is an unforgettable experience. There are a great number of forest tracks which help you discover the Canarian pine forests, laurel forests, volcanoes, and coastlines. Mountain biking is an activity which can be enjoyed alone, in a couple, or with family and friends.


One of the most popular spots for mountain biking in the Canary Islands is the El Pilar Recreational Area, in the centre of the island. The spot is a multifunctional recreational space that offers walkers and cyclists great paths. There are information panels which provide thorough guidance on routes. The El Pilar Recreational Area is located in the Cumbre Vieja Natural Park. The recreation area offers information on the services available in the local area. Whether you need a BBQ area, a picnic table, a place to camp, or the toilet, you’ll find out everything you need to know on the information panels.

There are seven mountain biking routes which start from El Pilar. These routes offer a combined total of 100 kilometres of track. Many visitors take the opportunity to combine more than one route together. The routes offer a variety of lengths, difficulty levels, and inclinations, so all cyclists should find a path which is suitable.


Mountain biking routes around La Palma don’t stop there. There is a route from the summit of Roque de los Muchachos – the highest peak in La Palma – to the coast of Puntallana. This path crosses forests and goes through tunnels. There are also routes around the town of Mazo. The local municipality has an extensive network of forest tracks which were originally created to allow for the transportation of feed for local livestock. Fuencaliente also offers cycling opportunities with routes towards Cumbre Nueva which pass through a black forest and descend to the coast with magnificent views of vineyards and the volcanic landscape. This municipality in the southern part of La Palma is the location of the last volcanic eruption on La Palma.


There are plenty of companies which offer visitors opportunities to enjoy the extraordinary cycling routes around La Palma. Tours vary according to ability, and some companies offer packages which include meals and visits to landmarks.

It isn’t just mountain bikers who enjoy La Palma. Road cyclists like the island as well. The “beautiful island” has many kilometres of winding roads which spread out from the interior, enter charming villages, cross hills, and descend to the coastline. With the great weather on the island, visitors will love road cycling days on La Palma.


For the more athletic there is the opportunity of travelling all the way across La Palma by bike. The Barlovento road in the north of La Palma marks the start of a 127-kilometre journey from the north to the south of the island. This extended route allows visitors to contemplate wonderful laurel forests and agricultural areas in the municipality of Garafía. There is a hard ascent of 15 kilometres to the Roque de los Muchachos Observatory which has amazing views of the rugged volcanic crater called the Caldera de Taburiente. On the return journey, by the LP1 road, the route passes the El Time viewpoint, in Garafía. Then there is a quick descent that enters the mouth of the Las Angustias ravine. The journey passes the banana plantations of Los Llanos de Aridane. Then there are some small towns to encounter which are great places to pick up supplies before cyclists attempt the gentle ascent to Los Canarios, which is the highest spot in the south of La Palma. After this, there is the final descent into a landscape which includes the impressive Teneguía volcano, a lighthouse, and the Fuencaliente salt flats.


On non-cycling days, when visitors want to let their bodies recover, there is plenty to do in La Palma. The island has great culinary and cultural options to satisfy every taste.

Whether visitors are travelling on a mountain trail or on the road, safety is the most important thing. Cyclists are kindly asked not to leave marked paths and to travel carefully on the road. Please pay attention to traffic signs and directions and respect any speed limits or other restrictions in place. Cyclists should control their braking and avoid skidding as this causes unnecessary erosion of the soil. On top of this, tourists are asked to take all their rubbish away with them. The aim is to generate the minimum amount of waste possible. Bins are available for recyclable goods. Also, please be wary of throwing away cigarette butts as they can cause devastating fires.