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Lanzarote Aquarium

Aquariums in Lanzarote
Aquariums in Lanzarote
Aquariums in Lanzarote

Swimming with sharks in an aquarium in Lanzarote

In Costa Teguise, in the east of the island, you will have the chance to swim with sharks. Lanzarote Aquarium offers you the opportunity to dive with a one metre eighty centimetre long nurse shark and several bamboo sharks. It’s a once in a lifetime experience to dive with these species given that it is almost impossible to come across them in open seas. This activity is always carried out under the strict supervision of experts, and without the need for any previous preparation or qualifications.

A shopping centre with marine animals in Costa Teguise

Lanzarote Aquarium has 33 tanks with hundreds of sea animals, from typical Canary Island species such as morays and tiger fish to tropical ones like hermit crabs and clownfish. A glass tunnel goes through one of the tanks, so sharks, turtles and ray fish are swimming right by your head. As well as that, it has interactive aquariums where you can stroke some species, like the starfish. This is a unique way to get to know sea life in Lanzarote.

Isla Lanzarote

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