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Maroparque, La Palma’s zoos
Maroparque, La Palma’s zoos
Maroparque, La Palma’s zoos

The only vertical zoo in the Canary Islands

Maroparque is a truly unique zoo. Situated on the slopes of a ravine in Breña Alta, in the east of La Palma, it is the only vertical zoo in the whole of the Canary Islands. Take a pleasant walk through the cool shade of the botanical garden. The walkway continues downwards with wooden bridges and cobbled paths and takes visitors through aviaries, where birds and parrots fly overhead and all around.

Exotic animals in a ravine in La Palma

Maroparque is home to a collection of some of the planet’s strangest animals; for instance a Japanese hen with feathers so white and so soft that it looks like a cuddly toy, or a little monkey with black fur and yellow paws. There are even albino kangaroos as well as a multitude of fish, birds, reptiles and mammals in this remarkable zoo with its stunning views down the ravine. A tip for you: if you make a restaurant reservation at the start of your visit, once the tour is finished you won’t have to wait for your food.

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