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Paragliding in Famara

Paragliding in Famara + Paragliding in Lanzarote

Fly to the Mirador del Río

A classic flying area in Lanzarote, where the constant wind make it possible to do sports like paragliding. This take off point, situated on the Famara cliff itself, in the north of the island, is located precisely in Chimida. With a west-northwest wind direction, it is an ideal place not only for paragliding but also for hang gliding and treats gliders to spectacular views if they follow the mountainside northwards, in line with the striking cliffs which lead to Mirador del Río.

Landings on Famara beach

The take off spot for this fantastic thermodynamic flight is at an altitude of 450 metres. To get to the spot, Chimida, take the dirt track of just over one kilometre which leaves the town of Teguise and is suitable for cars. The landings are also easy, because apart from Famara beach, there are plenty of flat areas so they can be made 300 metres across from the beach, on the other side of the road under the take off point.

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