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Paragliding in Hermigua

Paragliding in Hermigua  + Paragliding in La Gomera

The busiest flying spot

As well as being a paradise for nature lovers, it is also one for paragliding enthusiasts. In the beautiful municipality of Hermigua, located in the north of La Gomera, it is usual to see the sky dotted with colourful paragliders. It is the main flying spot and the busiest one on the island and has ideal conditions for doing this sport. The take off, at a height of 450 metres above sea level and the excellent face of the mountainside make the flights last for hours.

Skypar Paragliding Festival

The Skypar Festival is without doubt, a classic among paragliding enthusiasts. It started in 2008 to promote the area and today it attracts hundreds of paragliders. This festival, which is usually held in the month of September, offers a great sight of collective flying thanks to the splendid flying conditions to be found in the bay of Hermigua. Those who want to fly over this formidable landscape can do so in tandem flights accompanied by qualified pilots.

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