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Echentive Beach

Echentive Beach La Palma Beaches

A spectacular beach nestled among volcanoes

Located to the south of La Palma, Echentive Beach is one of the island’s youngest beaches, emerging as it did in 1971 after Mt. Teneguía erupted. Part of the Volcanoes of Teneguía Natural Monument, the beach is therefore located in stunning natural surroundings. Approximately 275 metres long, it is easily accessible by car or trail despite its wild setting

Relax in natural pools

The unique landscape surrounding Echentive Beach secludes spectacular natural pools perfect for a relaxing dip even when the sea’s particularly rough. Not far from the beach is Fuente Santa, a spring with curative waters buried in the same eruption as the one which created the beach. Discover the trails surrounding Echentive Beach and their stories and secrets and be charmed by one of La Palma’s best-kept secrets.

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