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These are the winners of the print codes who'll take home a great souvenir from the Canary Islands:

Brigitte Englhart
Deborah Dell'Olio
Miriam Noemí Orellana Vigo
Alfredo Fornas
Michelle Rivault
Fritz Wilczynski
Malcolm Lowing
Gemma Inf
Angelika Bogdanowicz
Valentin Martinez
Mª del Valle Fernandez Ximenez de Cisneros
Carolina González Quintero
Emiliano Calvo Lizaranzu
Peter Wienand
Marisa Martin
Ross Clarke
Philippe Auxietre
Didier Carenjot
Joanna Kucharczyk

If you're one of them, you'll receive your code at the email address you gave to

And if you weren't one of the lucky ones… don't worry! Remember you can still share your photos in an original way by creating your travelogs.

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