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10 reasons to enjoy...
THE WARMEST - Welcome Ever
Welcome to your natural paradise – without leaving Europe.
In the Canary Islands, everything is ready
to welcome you with the best climate all year round.
Miles of peace
Eight islands and more than 932 miles of coastline where you can enjoy total peace and quiet. More than 500 beaches of all kinds and all colours: golden and sandy, red, black, virgin, urban, nudist or family beaches... All perfect for relaxing and disconnecting.
40% natural protected spaces
40% of the Canary Islands are protected space with 4 national parks, 7 biosphere reserves, 3 marine reserves and more than 3000 endemic species. Amazing nature where you can enjoy the full extent of the volcanic landscapes, ancient forests, paradisiacal beaches, spectacular cliffs natural pools, waterfalls, seas teaming with life, and—of course—clear, protected skies.
Connected to the world
The Canary Islands are a natural paradise in Europe perfectly connected to the rest of the world. There are 8 airports, most of which have direct connections to Europe's main cities, fabulous infrastructures, and all kinds of services, including an important communications network and a quality public health system, all to European standards.
A conscious population
Face masks are compulsory in the Canary Islands and the population is aware of the importance of complying with safety measures to help keep the incident rate of COVID-19 low, as it is much lower here than elsewhere. In fact, this is the region least affected by the disease in all of Spain and somewhere the healthcare crisis was managed rapidly and effectively, meaning that it is currently the only place in Spain without a curfew on movement. More information on on the safety measures taken in the Canary Islands in relation to COVID-19: here.
Safety for all
To guarantee everyone's safety, when you arrive at your accommodation, you must show proof that you have tested negative for active COVID-19 infection in the 72 hours before your arrival. In exceptional cases where you may become positive during your stay, the Canary Islands have their Canary Islands COVID-19 Medical Insurance in place to cover the costs of medical care and any additional costs associated with changes to travel plans.
The first Global Tourism Safety Lab
In order to ensure the health safety of tourists and islanders alike, the Canary Islands have created the Global Tourism Safety Lab. This initiative groups together the best safety protocols from around the world, taking into account all of the stages and services relating to a tourist's experience on our islands: airports, hotels, restaurants and bars, transport, shops, sporting activities… All services have been validated under specific work protocols that help provide a full and safe tourist experience.
100 years of experience
The Canary Islands have been welcoming tourists for more than 100 years: it is a worldwide benchmark for fully reliable tourism. Professional excellence in this sector has made it a top destination with great capacity for adaptation that has rapidly and successfully integrated the new work protocols.
The best climate in the world
4800 hours of sunlight a year in an exceptional climate. Constant, pleasant temperatures 365 days a year mean we have very mild, sunny winters, and warm—but not sweltering—summers. It's always the right time for a visit to the archipelago and a swim at the beach!
Eight unique identities
Our geographical location and history as a port of call on major voyages have differentiated our own cultural identity. Canary Islands art, music, unique architecture, traditions, archaeological ruins left behind by ancient settlers on the islands... The Canary Islands are certainly somewhere different with lots to discover.
Hybrid cuisine
Cuisine in the Canary Islands is hybrid on account of the archipelago's history. The multiple cultures that have passed through the islands have left their mark on a unique gastronomy brimming with contrast. Here you can enjoy simple dishes made with top-quality ingredients alongside amazing signature dishes at Michelin-star restaurants. Visiting the Canary Islands and not trying our cuisine is missing out on a vital part of the experience.
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