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Your current contact with nature is:

Congratulations: nature is very present in your life!

During your daily routine or when travelling, you fill your life with deep experiences linked to nature. Your connection to the natural world helps you stay physically and mentally healthy, keeps your cognitive skills sharper, increases your ability to be amazed and heightens your emotions. You like enjoying nature on your own and also sharing experiences with your family and old (or new) friends... As time goes by, you deepen and expand your contact with nature, exploring the ways in which animals and human beings communicate and depend on each other. You work to ensure that the future generations can experience the immense wealth of nature. You focus less and less on what nature can do for you, and more on what you can do for it.


Deepen your love of nature by learning to strengthen your natural senses.
Get more involved in the conversation about nature, both at local and world level.
Strengthen your ties with other people through experiences in the natural world.
Work or collaborate to ensure that future generations can enjoy 'the gifts' of nature.
Created in collaboration with Richard Louv,
a nature-deficit disorder expert.
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