Your current contact with nature is:

There's always room for improvement… You need a little more nature in your life.

You're adaptable. You like to look at nature scenes, but you prefer the 'comfort zone' of your home, workplace or school. You are curious about nature, but you aren't sure about spending much time out in it... You think it's good to have nature close by, but you don't see it as a necessity. Even so, you feel the 'call' of the natural world.


Learn more about the benefits of being in touch with nature, both for your mental and physical health and for cognition.
Include 'nature' in your monthly diary: if you can fit in football, you 'fit in nature'. Try to go to a nearby nature park at least once a week.
Gradually increase your 'nature comfort' level with open-air activities.
As you spend more time in natural environments, listen to your body and how it feels. If you feel better, take it further.
And try to travel, at least once a year, to somewhere you can be amazed and awed by nature.
Created in collaboration with Richard Louv,
a nature-deficit disorder expert.
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