Your current contact with nature is:

You're doing well: you have enough nature in your life (but you could still have more).

You don't simply want to learn about the natural world, you also want to experience the emotions nature offers (and a global change in your daily life). You're doing well. You might prefer active rather than contemplative experiences: e.g. hiking, cycling, climbing… You connect with adventure, but also with the benefits that being in touch with nature contributes to your physical and psychological health. You find exotic places especially appealing and you are prepared to travel far to get to them.


Look for chances to take holidays, excursions and/or trips connected to nature.
Discover how the cultures in the places you visit experience nature.
Explore other ways to experience and observe nature, such as photographing wildlife.
Learn more about the plants and animals in your area and/or faraway places.
Beyond the emotion of having adventures in nature environments, also travel to discover and be awed by the wonders of nature.
Created in collaboration with Richard Louv,
a nature-deficit disorder expert.
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