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# AndThe
FoodIs Great

Endless beaches, magical trails, crystal-clear water, volcanic scenery, the best climate in the world and #AndTheFoodIsGreat. Discover the Canary Islands. A delicious experience.

to amaze you

What do you feel like eating today? Be amazed by some of the thousands of restaurants on the islands: gastropubs, beach bars, “guachinches”, seafood restaurants, grills… The wide diversity of our islands is also to be seen in our restaurants. Discover unforgettable places as you enjoy delicious experiences, whether on an outdoor terrace with views of the sea, in a cave or countless other places that simply ooze charm. There’s something for everyone!

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The creativity
of our chefs

The Canary Islands have fabulous, internationally acclaimed chefs. Chefs with Michelin stars and restaurants with international awards that transmit that passion for food in every mouthful. Just sit back and be amazed by the creativity and flavour of each of their dishes, imbued with lots of professionalism and care.

The flavours
of our land

In the Canary Islands, we have the best climate in the world. So, it is not unusual that the ingredients we grow here taste so delicious. There are crops of tasty fruit and vegetables, such as potatoes, bananas, tomatoes and pumpkins all year round. The tropical climate also helps make exotic fruit such as the papaya or mango juicy and appetising. In turn, the Atlantic Ocean brings us a wide variety of local fish, such as the parrotfish, the grouper and the corvina.

The best thing to leave you with a good taste in your mouth are our wines with designation of origin. Make sure to try the extraordinary Canary Island cheeses, made using a traditional method, with their unique traits. A true delicacy.

Tastes with a designation of origin
Wines and cheeses

A rich
gastronomic culture

Our culture is a synonym of fusion. And our cuisine is full of the flavour of our history: with lots of contrasts thanks to inspiration from and the reinterpretation of many dishes from mainland Spain, Latin America and Africa.

This is because traders travelling between Europe and America used to put in to port in the Canary Islands. And they brought delicious produce with them, such as cereals (wheat and corn, for example), potatoes, yams and dates. Discover how we combine traditional and modern in a wide variety of original, local dishes.